Sunday, May 27, 2012

In love with life...

Though I no longer can
Climb Mountains
Cross rivers
Track miles
Or swing in parties,
I still have a throbbing heart
And write few words
That reaches other side of the world

……..And may be, touch hearts there

OSI Prompt : In love with life

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Black and White

Neither here nor there, Inbetween
Neither yes nor no, considering
Neither doing nor leaving, trying
Neither this side nor that, on the fence
Neither king nor soldier, diplomat

Neither ecstatic nor doomed, searching peace

OSI Prompt : Black & White

I salute you

I salute you

I salute you 
Your keen sense of duty
Your courage
Your poise against pointed finger
And calm against abusive language
Your silence then and now

I do not know your name
Ramesh, Raheman or Rustom
And it does not matter,
Let me tell you every common man
Respect you,
Love you in his heart
For what you are –
A dignified common man

Common man sees himself in you
Please accept his warm regards
You need not speak,
Just nod.
He will understand.

OSI Prompt by Leo:   Black & White
Above picture is of a security guard pointing way out to Mr. Khan (A star in Mumbai Film Industry) who is aggressively pointing finger at him. Guard held his ground.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Looking down
Hiding passion
Scared little, more excited
Not wanting to say no, afraid to say yes
Waiting for a move

She lifted eyelids slowly
To find what he holds in his eyes but
Dropped it quickly
To hide what she holds in her own,
Heart beating loud
Color of her face
Said it all.
OSI Prompt : Crimson Red

Sunday, May 6, 2012

One Single Impression: Depression

Nothing inspire
Day is harsh
Colors of sunset gloomy
Thought of dark night scary

Miserable is my spirit
Prayers selfish
Smiles heavy
My utterances are complains
Compliments hollow
Even blessings demanding

Heart far away to be loved
And too selfish to love
Though surrounded by many
Lost in world another

Awareness that
You are always there
Lost in this black hole,
No light on other end

Faith shaky, Truth hazy
Denial deep, Options ill
Life a burden

Is death freedom?

OSI Prompt : Depression