Friday, December 19, 2014

How foolish!

It was a bloody day
For all who care for life
For what represents freshness of life more than children?

For children
Life is not past but
Sea of possibilities
And that is what scares some
Who want to live in past

They tried to tarnish canvas
That permits any drawing
Any color
Any shape
Any thought
With color of blood of some children,
But canvas is too vast
As big as sky!

How foolish!
To think that
Few drops of blood in sea
Will change its nature!

Those who dare to swim against current
Are bound to get drawn in sea of time
For no force can stop
An idea whose time has come

Time has come for a new world order
That says your faith is private and individual subject
Your individual link with God is no business of anybody else
And so it is for your neighbors
And fellow citizens and all on this planet
Respect this fact
No force can work here
Only love can
Respect this order

Respect time
Written to say thank you to those school children of Peshawar who were brutally murdered in an act of cowardice by extremists in Pakistan. These children will be remembered as ones who helped to change course of this world.

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