Sunday, June 24, 2012


No makeup or youth
Beauty sparkles through eyes
Purity within support

Haiku Heights Prompt : Support
OSI Prompt : Crystal


Many a times
Finer point of life seen
In the course of living,
Gets drained with clutters in mind

A gem is lost

When clutters are cleared
Point seen becomes bright as crystal
Gets shape into words

OSI Prompt : Crystal

Sunday, June 17, 2012

It is never too late...

Go knock
Again and again
Don’t take no as an answer
It’s never too late

You have plenty to give
Do not worry
Open your door
It’s never too late

Road may seem to be long
Start your journey
Every step adds to your strength
It’s never too late

You may be alone
Don’t wait for others to join
Follow they will on trail you make
It’s never too late

Listen to call of your heart
Only one life for it to live
Say yes to life,
What are you waiting for?
Why postpone?
It’s never too late …… live

Take off.


OSI Prompt : waiting

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Roots want so tree lives,
Mother wants so children can be fed,
Earth wants to be quenched so seeds can sprout,
Call it selfless wanting

Trees give shade
And flowers give fragrance unasked,
Sun gives light and
Fruits get consumed giving,
Call it giving that fulfills self

What touches heart more,
Selfless wanting
Giving that fulfills self?


OSI Prompt : Wanting


Ordinary looks
Deeply appealing thanks to
Beautiful soul

Beautiful soul
Touching hearts around
Magnetic pull

Magnetic pull
Ordinary looks though
Fans many

Haiku Heights Prompt : Ordinary

My empty cup

Sitting on a sea shore I see
A pit dug by kids playing

Often filled by waves
As soon as waves recede
It gets empty again

Kids bring water by buckets trying to fill it
But it is soon drained
They try hard
Efforts are frustrating

Only sea can fill it

A smile passes my face

OSI Prompt : Wanting

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Honey Bee

Hopping from one flower to another
Being with one now
Another then,
To each one fullness of my heart  
True with everyone

Nature has created me as such
I am in harmony
True to my heart
True in my love
True with everyone

I don’t cheat
Never holding back a piece of myself
Pure and chaste
Close to God
In love with life
True with everyone

And they call me fickle hearted!

OSI Prompt : Fickle