Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Different Worlds...

It is stormy and pouring heavily
Whole sky is melting on my little hut within.

Noise of drops hitting hard on tin roof
Gets into me many times louder,
Deafening my senses.

I am vulnerable.
Scared …. I will be drowned in flooded drains.

I hold tightly on to the only pillar in my hut.
Noise gets louder….louder…

If I hold on till storm pass…..
If I can……
It will be a different world in the morning.

P.S. : following other titles came to my mind.
Which do you think is more appropriate?
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1) Only Piller
2)Tomorrow will be another day
3)Dreaded night  

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Habit of a child....

     Habit of a child….

 Oh God, You have always been parent to me,
And me… your child.
Since I started praying,
I have been asking from you.             
Asking has become a habit.

You know my needs more than me,
You shower on me more than I need.
 It is just that
 I am not open enough to receive.

Yet I can’t stay without asking
For it has become a habit.

As I have to ask,
Oh God,
Please open up my mind & heart more and more
To enable me to receive
All blessings bestowed by you.

  Image from http://www.reconnections.net/12_12_Stargate.htm            


Friday, February 12, 2010

My Home

“My Home”

Exploring world outside
Failed to take me to
Peaks & valleys,
Depths & heights
Turbulences & calm,
Vastness and fineness
That exploring   Space  Within  did

It also took me to a place 
that is always pleasant.

I call it ‘My Home Within

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Important ?  

Success, failures,
Ups, downs
Stress, ecstasy,
Earthquakes, Tsunamis,
Wars, peace……,
Within….. or outside…..,

Life goes on & on………

Sun rise and set on its time……..
Seasons change as usual…..
I grow older each day ….

My heart smiles
When flowers blossom,
Clouds rain or a friend empathizes ….

My heart feels sad
When I see children bagging
Or by snubs of dear ones……

Life goes on………

Nothing is important

It is just I make it out to be……


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Soul mates

Cyberspace provides space for people with common devotion/ cause / attachment / affection to interact and their souls to merge.

Aren't they soul mates in real  sense?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010



Free……. ,
Wanting to share this space…
Craving to belong….

Belonging each other……

It is binding

Wanting to be free again…..
Swinging between two extremes…
Yearning for freedom & Passion to belong!

Where is love?????         

(Image taken and modified from: _ thependulumeffect.blogspot.com/


Some places call again & again.
Peace and rest is found there like nowhere else.
Siddhi Samadhi Yoga (SSY) ashram at Dehari, near mumbai is one such place for me.


                                   with final destination?
Dehri Ashram
A place that pulls me
Like a river by sea.

I wonder what brings
Me here so often?

With my children
And now with grandchildren?

What is so charming, so magical about this place?

Searching for the answer
In space within
I come back to a point,
Where I always stop –                                                                                                                   
What keeps me living?

Is it here that I first found vastness of sea,
Where river could easily disappear?