Monday, December 31, 2012

Moving on

 Watching world same way
Life a repetitions
Moving in circle

Looking within cleaned
Mist on Eyes
Granting new vision

Now seeing better
I move on
Not stuck anywhere

OSI Prompt : Watching
Haiku Heights Prompt : New

Monday, December 24, 2012

Pray for me

Just late evening, not yet deep into night
Returning home with a friend,
Offered empty seats in a passing private bus
And we felt lucky!
For public transport is a painful wait

Oh, it was a trap!
Doors of the bus locked
And objection to lewd remarks by goons
Met with third degree violence
My friend beaten unconscious
And me?
Sex hungry wolves
Raped and tore me apart
Like a piece of rag

Was taken for a ride to hell

Though hell I was thrown in
By few goons, mercifully
Goons do not make the world

World is made by millions, like those
Who pray for me,
Some even facing batons of police!

Life is fighting against evil
Life is caring for virtuous
Life is beautiful

I want to live Ma!
I want to live!

Pray for me.


Mind grieves
Heart in anguish
I father of two daughters
Join millions of my countryman
in prayers for her recovery
cannot but wonder
what has become of us?
When will this dark era come to end?
When will sun rise
And we see civilized world?


Sunday, December 23, 2012


With minds so calm
And hearts so tender,
My soul touches yours
And they merge,
Eyes light up
In knowledge that
This is all it is

This love expand to include
One and all
All countries, all people, all religions
Included in this love
Feel one

This is possible.
Just close your eyes
And imagine

As you close your eyes
And float in sea of love
I see smile on your face

We are not the only ones smiling!

OSI Prompt : Imagine

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oh Mind!

Oh Mind!

Wishing what is far
Ignoring what is in hand
Always on run

Haiku Heights Prompt : Wish

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Always ahead
And away
Rarely with me
What is so big hurry?

Chasing what is away
Ignoring what is in hand
Efforts endless
What is it you want?

Always on run
Searching unknown
Leaving me alone
Why this anxiety?

I bring you back, but can’t keep
You slip away
Even before I know
Why can’t you settle for awhile?

When you are with me
I connect so well, feel so cool,
But you do not care to stay
Why don’t you relax a bit?

What is it you want?
What are you chasing?
Please sit here, let me know,
Why this hurry?

You are mine
Yet not with me
Oh, my mind
Why always in hurry?  

OSI Prompt : Insecure

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mind & Heart

Even pain of yearning is sweet
How will it be to dissolve
And be one with you?


Scared of unknown
Mind do not let go

Pray for me

OSI Prompt : Yearn

Saturday, December 1, 2012

I am Just a tree

Stationary & Silent
Observing & marveling

Feeling breeze & rain
Warmth of sun & coolness of moon

Receiving my food
And what it takes to LIVE
Right here

Enjoying all that nature has to offer,
That is why I am here
That is how I live &
That is how I pass away

Fruits, seeds, leaves & shadows
Are results of my being,
Not my anxiety
if they are useful

I am just a tree

I wonder about this man
Always on run!

Food, house, Relationships, Status…
So much to “maintain”
Run, run & run…..

Trying to earn his living
When will he realize it is a gift?

When will he evolve to know
There is no need to possess to enjoy?

When will he learn to be still?
When will it occur
What he runs for will find him
Once he is still?

When will he learn to be just a man?

I am just a tree

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OSI Prompt : Tree