Thursday, May 7, 2015

Real Hero, Ravindra Patil.

Real Hero
Ravindra Patil

Once a young boy from Satara
Well built, joins police force
And gets trained as a commando,

Found good to be posted to guard a high profile film star.

Fulfilling his role as a commando,
as a police man,
as a good citizen
Rushed to police station on that dreadful night of Sept 28, 2002
When car of the star he was escorting
Ran over some people sleeping on a footpath,
He told what he witnessed,
Filed an FIR
Stood on his ground
A good commando he was

Department he worked in found him liability
Friends deserted,
Media ignored
Was brought to street
Reduced to a skeleton weighing about 30 kg

He died on Dec’23 2007

Salute to him.

A good commando he was.


Note : Star was tried in court of law and found guilty. He was sentenced five years of imprisonment. Judgment was announced yesterday 06.May 2015. Trial lasted for thirteen years.

Mumbai India.