Sunday, April 24, 2011


So, we meet tomorrow again?
‘My place.’
“Your place?  No, my place”.
‘My place’
“No , my place”
It goes on…….

It is just that they want to hang on
With each other,
Not wanting to leave.

Deep in their mind is a place
Which is neither hers nor his,
It is a place that they can call ‘ours’.

Scene is not so romantic
For the waitress waiting on their table,
….Other guests are in queue. 

OSI Prompt : Place

Sunday, April 17, 2011

One Single Impression : Shackles

Within reasons!!

Reasons demand ‘no, not done
‘Stay within boundaries’

She remains confined.
Within walls of reasons
Maintaining balance.

She is an
Emotional eater,
Exercises regularly to maintain herself

Sometimes, though not often,
is seen
Staring far away………..,
Deep into the sky.

……but returns quickly
Within boundaries.

She is known as
A good homemaker.


(Written for OSI Prompt: Shackles - given  by my friend Ramesh Shood)


Monday, April 11, 2011

One Single Impression : Reciprocate

A bench …. A smile

It has been a long way.
Body is tired, so is mind.
Roads seem to be taking nowhere,
Destination alluding.
How far? How long?

Luggage being carried
Feels too heavy,
Yet, difficult to let go of it.

It is hopeless, futile to go on
Is there any choice?
Well, it is a difficult world.

And a bench on the way…..

Little rest,
A pause…..
Body feels good.
Mind settles,
Dwells in space within – a different world.

He gets up, starts again.
Turns around to look back
At the bench that offered a pause.
……….And smiles.

“When I make it big,
I will build benches along the way….”
He thought as he was walking.
I would be like a bench to other.”

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not so easy to reciprocate!

Not so easy to reciprocate!

She cared,
She loved easy to reciprocate.

She distanced
And I was lost,
Not able to cope with.

(OSI prompt : Reciprocate)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Response to Challenge

Response to Challenge

Time and again
Scams and scandals are exposed,
Seen on TV,
Read in News papers.
This is not new.

What is new and worrying is
Confidence of corrupts and
Smiles of accused.

It challenges -
Says “what the hell can you do?”

Youth of India is out to show
What can possibly be done.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To Mr. Afridi, with love.

Big Heartedness

Different cultures,
Different belief systems and
Different ways of living
Have space in hearts of Indians
Hearts that include.

It is so since many centuries.

Big heartedness is to see greatness,
To see bigness.
You have missed the point, Mr. Afridi.

Please do come again
With an open heart.
A heart that wins..... hearts.

This is in response to comments by Pakistani cricket team captain Mr. Afridi to press, on his return after a tour to India that Indians do not have big hearts.

Sunday, April 3, 2011



I have no date of birth, nor do I have any place of birth.
I flow freely & no boundaries can contain me.
I am powerful & spread like wild epidemic
Virus that spread me reside in idle minds.

I give sleepless nights. I make many feel guilty.
I make many hide their faces. I shake confidence of many.
I give heartburns & I break hearts.
I break relationships. I ruin careers.
I make many shed tears.

Goal focused activity & creativity are my foes.
Best way to make me powerless is to ignore me.

They may call me
Hearsay or just chit-chat.

GOSSIP is my name.

(OSI Prompt : Epidemic)