Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Trust HIM


Doctors…Reports …
Hospitals …
More reports….
More Doctors…

Nadi vaidya…..

More Doctors…

What do you do now?

Leave it to HIM.
Trust HIM.

Write it.

Visualize that she is well
and normal
and talking
and walking
and eating
and cooking
and playing
and laughing
and sharing and …….

Feel that smile passing you
As you visualize and
Feel warm tears rolling down

Pray again.
Trust HIM……….


Saturday, March 27, 2010


                                 Image from: http://www.uulyrics.com/music/rasa/album-devotion/


I was restless 

I was searching…….

In books and temples,

In prayers and bhajans,

In friends and family,

In flowers and bees,

In gardens and trees,

In sunrise and sunsets,

In city and jungles,

In known and unknown………

At last, I found it in you.

…..Meaning of my life.

I found in you

My way to Space Within.


A Little Prince

There was once a little prince,
He played,
He dreamed,
He loved.

He ordered…….

Now a grown up.
Still he is a prince within…
Still he dreams…
Still he loves…

He follows orders…..

Some evenings he drinks so he can sleep well.
(He has forgotten playing)


Monday, March 22, 2010

One Way Street

I saw life as two way street.
Giving and taking.
“Give so that you will be offered in return”

When what was offered in return
Did not match my expectation….
Agony followed.

Till mystery was revealed by
Flowers spreading fragrance
Clouds melting to offer water
Trees bearing fruits
For all.

What could I offer them in return,
If they so expected?


Bells of nearby temple rang....

"Clouds do not get paid by man and animal
Whose thirst it quenches,
But is reborn by sea evaporating!

Tree is fed through its roots by earth
And born are flowers and fruits!

Life has ways of rewarding generosity
Though not through same street!

But one who is generous cares not!!"


Sunday, March 21, 2010



Last night in my dream
I felt very close to you.

When I told you this
You quietly nodded.

Holding my hand,
Closed your eyes,
Took a deep breath
Seizing that moment within.

Silence prevailed...

Two souls merged
Words melted....

Purity of ambiance
Could only be held in

Friday, March 19, 2010

Someday I will cross.....

One more among the crowd I carry within
Died today.

I feel better as I light his pier.
It has made me lighter
And I can fly higher.

With each death within,
I am getting lighter & lighter….
I can fly higher & higher.....

Looking back I wonder
When did he get into me?
What made me get him into me?
Why did I carry him so long?

Searching answers to these questions
Takes me to the dead end
Beyond which is a huge mountain….
I am unable to cross….

I am getting lighter…..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fight goes on....

Two met,
Love fostered
Souls merged.

“It is a sin” said a priest

“It is a blessing.
Love always is.
So rang bells of the temple.

Fight goes on and on…

Monday, March 1, 2010

Since I started writing……

Since  I  started  writing….

I used to see a palace in my dreams
And chase it to make it true.
…….Working hard.

Now I create palace of dreams
And stay in it!