Monday, March 18, 2013

What hurts?

Right and wrong
Game mind plays
Argues for one or another as it suits

Casualty is Truth

Truth hurts no one
It includes
voice of mind
Beats of heart
Cravings and desires
Fragrance in air
Fear of running deer
Instinct of chasing tiger
Poison of cobra
Honey in womb of flowers
Dry desert
Swelling rivers
You and me and her and all

What hurts is not truth.
Truth heals
Truth understands

Hell with laws and rules
Logic and arguments
Drop that clutter
Listen to the song of your heart
Dance to that tune
Be closer to truth

OSI Prompt : Clandestine 


Jim said...

This was a fun read, Harshad, folowing along to see where things would come to rest.

I like best your line, "Listen to the song of your heart," but I was not happy with the abandonment of the rules and laws. I have sworn to uphold the laws of our U.S, especially the Constitution of the United States.

The Write Girl said...

Beautifully done Harshad. The truth allows us to heal and move forward.

Sankara Jayanth S said...

this one is just lovely!!!