Sunday, November 27, 2011


Light reveals only a part
Making world an interesting place,
Whole remain unknown

Haiku Heights Prompt : Light

Which is a Fool’s Paradise?

Which is a Fool’s Paradise?

A world of their own
Where love is everything,
Nothing is more important
Not security, nor future
Nor prestige, nor power…. 
Floating in love
Living for love

They are told
“It is not practical
Reality of life is different!”
In practical world
One keeps on working for security
Yet feels insecure…….
 Keeps running after power
 Yet always short of it!!

Called mad by their clan
Jonathan Livingston seagull or
Meerabai or …….

OSI Prompt :  A fool's paradise

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Positivity within and
An urn, leaves and coconut
To begin an enterprise

Haiku Heights Prompt : Urn


All my
Hurts, sorrows and pains
Dissolved as your hands stroked my head,

Agitated mind slowed
Peace dawned and
Coolness felt.
Love kindled
Smile returned.

For that magic
That will turn my tears into smile,
In books and knowledge
In wealth and power
In people and relationships…..

Is eternal.

If you happen to find,
Hold on, don’t let go
For your life.

OSI Prompt : Seeking.

Sunday, November 13, 2011



We all have it.

A life- time.

For some mystery
For some play
Some just don’t care

Moment by moment
Grain by grain of sand
It slips out and
We have just
One life- time.

Last grain and it will be over.
It cannot be put upside down
And start afresh.

Looking at the balance sand
I wonder,
Will I live each grain?
Will it just pass?

OSI Prompt : Hourglass

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Birdie, inviting!

A child
Wanting to fly, experience thrill!
“Let go, come out of this routine boring life!”

Another scared!
“Oh no, fall can hurt badly
And others will laugh”

A parent restricting, cautious,
Another encouraging!

All within me!

And  all caution thrown away 
I take off.

Come along!


OSI Prompt : Birdie