Thursday, March 24, 2016

A moderate speaks.

Hi friends,

I have been a religious moderate.

As a value system in family since my childhood, talks are generally goody –goody when it comes to talking about faith. One never takes close look at facts on the ground.

I think it is so because it keeps us well within our comfort zone.  It will also avoid others to point at negatives of faith that we follow.

Can I chose to have same comfort for long and avoid speaking what I feel is truth, though it may mean I may not appear to be a very polite goody- goody guy? 
I may, with dire consequences for my children and my grand children.

I came across a video which very systematically describes how being a moderate we just give cover to what we really not approve.  Let me post it for you.
I believe religions have outlived their useful life. Now what remains is politics of it. 

I have expressed my view on individual connection with God in my poem 
Enjoy this video. Thoughts very well articulated.

Please spare few minutes in silence and think, can you afford luxury of being a silent spectator?

If answer is no, what can you do?