Monday, May 31, 2010


I am a shy boy !  

Anamika is her name.
I have known her,
Talked with her for long,
Played chess with her,
Walked with her on school play ground track
Been to her home with friends.

I park my cycle near hers.
Frequently peep in the play ground
And visit library
To see if she is around.

Every time I cross her
In school lobby or on playground,
My heart beats play salsa.
In that fraction of the moment
When our eyes meet
Her eyes are searching deep in mine,
That I been trying hard to say
But too nervous….


 I am a Man…

She is coming
Gracefully walking,
Long strides, hair bouncing,
Bosoms pounding.
My heartbeats tune to the
Pace of her body.

As she comes closer
I feel warmer….
Longing for those few moments
When I am no more
And she does not exist…..
For both melt in those moments.

Anamika is her name.

Now that reverse count has started….

Pain in back & neck & knee…
That makes her face twist
Pierce deep in my heart,
Prayers arise in silence.

My hand reach out for hers….
She slightly squeezes my hand
To let me know
That she knows how I feel.

Anamika is her name.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010



A prisoner
In jail since long
World outside… a dream
He enjoys dreams.

A Jailor
Wants to climb mountains and cross rivers….
Have to report every morning on duty
…Till late in evening
Mountains & rivers are dreams he often talks about
To the prisoner

Prisoner wishes the jailor
Good morning
With smile

Every morning.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Do you?

Do you ??

Love me……
Love me enough…….and grant me rights
to hurt your feelings
to say harsh words
to ignore you
to be selfish & mean
to breach your trust
to hate you
to walk away from you...


Love me enough
to welcome me back
in your heart, with hands wide spread,
when I return……..

Do you love me,
I do, my dear.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just some rest....

Just some rest...

I want some rest
Away from you
Away from my own self….

Away from all
That is “mine”
And that is “yours”

…just some rest

May be when I return
Forgotten word “Ours”
Will again find its place in dictionary.