Sunday, December 25, 2011



Spot a familiar face
on face book

Is it she?

Color of hair, complexion
And wrinkles can deceive, but
Spark in those eyes bear out

Floodgates of memory open up,
….College campus,
Canteen, Library, Cycle stand……

Scene pass in front of my eyes
 afresh and clear as new,
Forty years have passed although!

Feeling light as a gliding bird
I look for more information about her
It is for friends only!

 I send a request for friendship!!!!


Ocean to Drops of falling rain:

“You were always a part of me,
You experienced a different world for a while,
Welcome back renewing ties!

Let us merge again
To be one
For we were never two!


Christmas blessings shower
Everlasting love, parting and merging
May just be fun!”

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OSI Prompt: Renewal
Haiku Heights Prompt : Chistmas

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quill & Inkpot


Inspiration in every expression

Creativeness in every creation

Motivation in every action

Soul in every being

Quill and inkpot

Of every writing

Know it or not

OSI Prompt : Inkpot

Sunday, December 11, 2011



I need no one to talk
Just someone to share

I need no one to attend
Just one who cares

I need no escort
Just a friend

I need no one to free me
Just to hold me

No knight to ride
Just a lover to love me!

OSI Prompt : Knight