Monday, December 24, 2012

Pray for me

Just late evening, not yet deep into night
Returning home with a friend,
Offered empty seats in a passing private bus
And we felt lucky!
For public transport is a painful wait

Oh, it was a trap!
Doors of the bus locked
And objection to lewd remarks by goons
Met with third degree violence
My friend beaten unconscious
And me?
Sex hungry wolves
Raped and tore me apart
Like a piece of rag

Was taken for a ride to hell

Though hell I was thrown in
By few goons, mercifully
Goons do not make the world

World is made by millions, like those
Who pray for me,
Some even facing batons of police!

Life is fighting against evil
Life is caring for virtuous
Life is beautiful

I want to live Ma!
I want to live!

Pray for me.


Mind grieves
Heart in anguish
I father of two daughters
Join millions of my countryman
in prayers for her recovery
cannot but wonder
what has become of us?
When will this dark era come to end?
When will sun rise
And we see civilized world?


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