Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Different Worlds...

It is stormy and pouring heavily
Whole sky is melting on my little hut within.

Noise of drops hitting hard on tin roof
Gets into me many times louder,
Deafening my senses.

I am vulnerable.
Scared …. I will be drowned in flooded drains.

I hold tightly on to the only pillar in my hut.
Noise gets louder….louder…

If I hold on till storm pass…..
If I can……
It will be a different world in the morning.

P.S. : following other titles came to my mind.
Which do you think is more appropriate?
Please click on “Post Comment”under and leave your suggestion.
1) Only Piller
2)Tomorrow will be another day
3)Dreaded night  
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