Monday, April 11, 2011

One Single Impression : Reciprocate

A bench …. A smile

It has been a long way.
Body is tired, so is mind.
Roads seem to be taking nowhere,
Destination alluding.
How far? How long?

Luggage being carried
Feels too heavy,
Yet, difficult to let go of it.

It is hopeless, futile to go on
Is there any choice?
Well, it is a difficult world.

And a bench on the way…..

Little rest,
A pause…..
Body feels good.
Mind settles,
Dwells in space within – a different world.

He gets up, starts again.
Turns around to look back
At the bench that offered a pause.
……….And smiles.

“When I make it big,
I will build benches along the way….”
He thought as he was walking.
I would be like a bench to other.”

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