Sunday, September 5, 2010


Who am I ?

  I have my fears  &

  I have my hopes.

I am my fears when
I talk about it,
I take shelter behind it,
I make a show of it,
I let it rule me,
I let others address it or
When I think I am it.

  I am my hopes when
  I see it,
  I talk about it,
  I think it will come true,
  My actions are ruled by it,
  I am working for it,
  Others address to it or
  When I think it is me.

  Who am I?
  My fears  or
  My hopes?

  Whose choice is it?


‘Who am I?’ was written six years back in ’04.  As the poem reads, I then thought it was a 
choice of an individual to select an attitude and live his life.

Today there seem to be a shift. As the haiku ‘My Choice?’  reads, I think though it may appear 
to be my choice to me, awareness of choice itself is a result of His grace. 
One can easily slip in a state of mind that has no choice. Isn't it?

Life has taught me this in the the span of six years . HIS grace.


My Choice?

His grace


You remain aware of choices, always.

OSI Prompt : Choices
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