Monday, August 2, 2010

Nature Unfolding

Nature Unfolding

A narrow path, seen passing by,
Hey, what is that, does it lead to that lake?
Turned around and ventured in
Rough, bouncy, barely motorable
But enthusiasm was driving hard.

And about two Km. off the highway
Revealed was
Beauty that filled heart & soul.
Virgin- no traffic, no people
No electric poles,
Peace, serenity, vastness
Just raw nature

Entering that narrow path
Was entering a cocoon
Full of life

Note: About three hours drive from Mumbai or Pune, a place that is so beautiful and yet so scarcely peopled is unbelievable. Attached are few pictures of that heaven we experienced yesterday.

My friend whispered after a long calm, money cannot get this! I agreed.

(Please don’t ask me exact location for I will like you to find it – life reveals itself to one who is eager). 
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