Sunday, April 7, 2013

God- sent

In gleam of Broadways
All faces bright and smiling
Difficult to say a friend from a foe
Many want to walk along
Share success and
Say what please ears

It takes times in shady back streets
To bring in light
Ones who really care
Shall we say times God sent?

OSI Prompt :  Broadway


Raajii said...

This is beautiful!

Jim said...

Ditto on Raajii's comment, Harshad. We all put on a good face out in the limelight, on the main street.

But what we are where people aren't watching brings out our true us. That is where our true loved ones will love us whatever.

anthonynorth said...

Excellent musings.

Ramesh Sood said...

Very beautifully written..Yet gleam of broadway beckons... indeed..


Gillena Cox said...

surely it dosen't just happen overnight; many times these actors and actresses need a stroke of benevolent luck; good read

much love...

Kathie Brown said...

Once again a contrast. The Bright lights and success of Broadway compared to the desperation and poverty of the back streets. This poem makes me think of Mother Teresa.

The Write Girl said...

What a thoughtful poem. I too enjoyed the contrast between darkness and light in this piece.

Maggie said...

It seems everyone is a friend when it is party time but during dark days is when a person learns who are true friends. A friend will be there in the light and in the night. I enjoyed the read.