Sunday, March 24, 2013

A leaf falls

A leaf falls.

Was it blown away by wind?
Or was tired of the tree?
Or tired of holding on?
Or was tree tired of it?
Or was wind and earth more alluring?

Does it matter?

A leaf falls.
A moment passed.
Live with new one.

Account of each leaf is kept
By time
And presented when existence demand,
Not for you & me to worry.

OSI Prompt : Moment


anthonynorth said...

Great appreciation of a moment.

Emma Major said...

And yet if we think and worry then we learn ever more about ourselves in every moment

Jim said...

Poor leaf. He is expendable.

Frankie Jay said...

Lovely exposition of the millions of moments that occur, and the few that really matter.

totomai said...

the succeeding questions were very effective. sets the tone. that was a sad moment