Sunday, February 3, 2013



Those eyes
Lock with mine for a few moments
A spark is ignited
Spellbound, I look back
Till she turns around the corner

This happened when I was in teens
Captivated I feel now
As glimpse of those eyes pass through mind
And I relive 
Those moments a little


OSI Prompt : Charisma


Geraldine said...

those are the kinds of moments to remember...nice!

anthonynorth said...

Some moments become eternal. Nice one.

joanne said...

sweet and wistful....the one that got away?

The Write Girl said...

"A spark is ignited" What an intriguing and beautiful encounter.

Green Speck said...

This is so beautiful :-)

Jim said...

I still like to occasionally have the sparkes ignited.
This is a silent two-way exchange of feelings.

Anonymous said...

PS: I'm testing the waters:

with a new blog idea.

Hope you'll stop in soon Harshad.