Monday, August 20, 2012

Nokia Apptasting

 Fun filled evening ‘Nokia Apptasting’on 19th August presented by Nokia and IndiBlogger

An evening
When I made not just new friends
Over drinks and dinner,
It filled me with
Knowledge &

And that game about onion cutting-
What a way to say
‘One needs to try new ways with open mind!’

Looking forward to new apps from Nokia
And many such evenings from IndiBlogger  

As my grandson will put it, 'I am loving it!'

Thank you Nokia
Thank you IndiBlogger


Green Speck said...

Seems like you had a fun filled time :-)

Harshad mehta said...

@Green Speck : Yes indeed, and much more! I did learn that I need to try new apps. more than once before I give up! It was well conducted.

Anonymous said...

I am also really exited about how Nokia will come up with new Apps to compete with the Android/IPhone Market. Looking forward to windows8 apps :)

Anonymous said...

The thing that defines Nokia is - Ease of use and Simplicity. That is why till this date, in the world of Android and iPhones, people who just want a simple phone... still prefer Nokia. Looking forward to Microsoft + Nokia combo :)

Harshad mehta said...

@ Nakul

I am looking forward to user friendly apps. Creators of apps should find out if 65+ young men (and women) can use it without stress!

AlphaTauri said...

Short and sweet post! Would have loved to meet you there. Keep blogging.