Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dip in Depths

Dip in Depths

I have been a seeker
Since many years
Since many lives

It used to be Books
I will dig in
Then lectures of Masters  & Gurus
But all told me what was known

It brought no change

In silence,
In its depth
Revealed are new dimensions
Got different meaning

Words fail me, but I can say
It comes to you in depth of silence
And you do not seek it
You just be there and receive it

Every time I take a dip in depths 
And be there,
It comes in many forms
Like deep water beings of different sizes, shapes and colors
Touch me, feel me,
Some enter in to me, to remain in me
And become part of me.

With every dip
I am different

OSI Prompt : Transition

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