Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A letter to Respected Prime Minister from a common man.

Dear Prime Minister,

Subject :  Spirit of constitution

Dear Sir, in your letter when you asked Shri Anna Hazare to follow constitution in its spirit, your anxiety to maintain order of law can be well understood and appreciated. As a law abiding citizen I too will not want my country to derail from the path of peace and growth even for one hour.

By the same token, in the true spirit of constitution, I envisage that an elected PM in a vibrant democracy must go after corrupt ministers. Nothing can come in his ways, least fear that Government may lose its majority. Politics of coalition is not a permission to tolerate inefficiencies and practices that may even create doubt about corruption. It is absolutely against spirit of constitution.

Sir, I think it is still not too late. Please act in true spirit of constitution and save our nation from going into the state of anarchy.

1)    1)  Go with full force at your command against doubtful /corrupt practices.

2)   2) Give parliament an opportunity to discuss Jan-Lokpal Bill as drafted by civil society (Now represented by Shri  Anna Hazare and his team). Let parliament decide. Isn’t parliament supreme in democracy?

3)    3)  Make it clear by your actions that you stand for clean and efficient governance as a PM of this country and chances of Government losing power or Congress party returning to power in next election is not a matter of consideration for you as a PM.

4)      Sir, I think people of this country deserve this.

Sir, you have nothing to lose.

Jai Hind.
A common man 

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