Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just different pots....

Just different pots.....

My hopes
My dreams, my vision,

My belief, my confidence, my trust,
My esteem,
My sensibility, my compassion, 
My pains, my sorrow,
My vulnerability……..
Make my space within.

You are a frequent visitor here.
So am I,                                                                                       
To the space you treasure within.

We share same kind of world,
Same kind of fire warms us,
Same drinks quench our thirst.

Aren’t we
Water of same stream
In different pots?


divya said...

the fortunate pots who have access to the treasure within ur space are containers of bliss and rest i would leave with a tag....''each one...mind ur own capacity'' :-)

Ramesh Sood said...

Hello Harshadji, yes, we are water of same stream in different pots..very aptly said, this! You know, in Ayan Rand's The Atlas Shrugged, John Galt creates a new world by bringing together people with similar values and intellect.. Somehow, I get the same feeling in this space here.. It has given life a new direction and meaning.. true that some frontiers remain to be crossed.. but then, it's all right..cross we will..

vimal said...

Joyful beautifully expressed the thoughts
n its nice to read n feel my thoughts expressed in ur poem as
My daughter here has done pottery as a hobby n has done almost sixty pieces of pots n cups n plates etc n have turned just like any proffessional work done
seeing them had almost the same thoughts
Pottery was initially my hobby n quite often had been to a pottery workshop at fountain but some how couldn't do it which as a relay race Bhavini did it
Had done a bit of clay work at Rajawadi but baking heating part was pending. now will go n check my pieces done some time back

anyway still want to do pottery
playing actually with mud has a divine feeling to be with mother earth n same is felt if one does gardening
thanks n keep up ur shabda yatra
may u be blessed by Ma sharda

Rajat said...

as I said words sometimes comfort a lot.. and the purity which is reflected in these words is what sometimes lack in this world. Thanks Harshadji for such a beautiful reflection.

Saumya said...

beautifull thought...indeed we are from the same stream!...thanks for sharing

Being Pramoda... said...

Indeed, we are the water from same stream, and i think we are in different sizes of pots too.. hehe.. some think their world is big, something its small.. but does not matter, we all share the taste same..

Nice blog sir..:)

Carina said...

I love this! There is much truth in what you say.

SandyCarlson said...

Indeed. To recognize and hold this truth is to love genuinely.

Nessa said...

I really enjoyed the idea of this poem.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem...

Beautiful thoughts too....


Pearl said...

same stream in different pots. like the metaphor for it.

shail said...

Beautiful thought.