Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Playing with real baby?

Playing with a real Baby
Or passing time?

A person
Wanting to pass her time.
Got a toy baby doll …

Played with her, bathed her, dressed her,
Loved her.
And imagined she loved her back.

Doll became means for her to pass time,
Express her love….
 Receive love…..

She was called upon to look after a real baby.
Worried about trouble involved
And occupied with toy doll-
She avoided,
Giving reasons.

“My doll needs to be looked after.
She needs me.
How can I leave her?”
Was one of her reasons.

......Comfortable with toy doll
Passing through life, receiving imagined love,
Often wondered about life with real baby……

Missing heavenly secrets of real love
Life could offer,
Often regretting……….


Other titles that crossed my mind were
1)      Real Baby?
2)      Regrets?
3)      Missing?
4)      Time pass?
Which one you think is more appropriate?? Please suggest.

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